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Parking Lot Procedures

The safety of our students is the number one priority at all times of the day, but especially in our busy parking lot at arrival and dismissal times.  

Please adhere to the following parking lot procedures:

  • Be patient!
  • Parent parking is the lot to the left as you pull in the driveway.  
  • Staff parking is in the "loop".  
  • You may use the "loop" if your child is able to exit and enter your car independently.  The one exception to this is the child who has a large string instrument and cannot open or close the trunk; these parents should move as quickly as possible.
  • If your child needs assistance exiting or entering the car (i.e.: buckling or unbuckling their seat belt), please park in the parent lot.

You should pull as far forward as possible in the loop.  In the morning, this means pulling all the way up to the buses when they are there; when buses have departed, cars should pull up to at least the Gym doors.  In the afternoon, this means pulling all the way up to the Gym doors.  Make every attempt to stay in line.  On occasion, a staff member may wave you to pull around a car that is stopped.  Please be aware that we have some students and small buses who must exit their cars close to the front door for health reasons. 

Children should exit on the passenger side of the car.

Thank you for making our children's safety your priority as well, and thank you for going slowly in the lot!