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How did Wolfpit Elementary School get its name?

The school is named for the main street that borders it, but how did the street get this name? When the first Europeans settled in Norwalk around 1650, wolves were a constant danger to people and livestock. English settlers and Native Americans alike were entitled to bounties for trapping the wolves in "pits" within the town limits.

The minutes of a town meeting in Sept., 1659, stated that everyone is allowed to build "wolfe pitts in convenient places." According to Norwalk Land Records, an area named "The Wolfe Pits" was first mentioned in 1768.

What are Wolfpit's School Colors?

Red and Blue.

Do we have a School Mascot?

Who or what is that wolf that hangs around our Wolfpit's events? That's our School Mascot! His name is "Scout". Although he travels near and far, he calls Wolfpit School his home.

How did "Scout" get his name?

There was a contest in September of 2001 where students were asked to submit their choice of a new name for the school mascot (replacing "Wolfgang" named by Bobby DeSimone in 1993). The staff 's first choice for a name, submitted by Hannah Kotarski, was "Scout".

What is Wolfpit Day?

Wolfpit Day is held in June. This is a family day for all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and students to share in a fun-filled occasion. It begins about 10:00am with the parents finding their choice seats on the lawn between the school and the playground.

All grades will entertain us with a program of songs, dances, and performances. We then can join the children for a picnic lunch. Following lunch, the gym turns into a carnival of games to play for a nominal fee. There will also be lemonade, popcorn, Italian ice, candy and baked goods that can be purchased.

Each grade provides one or two booths as a special fundraiser for that grade. Everyone has a wonderful time. This is Wolfpit at its best!