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Family Information

What are school hours?

School hours are 9:05-3:25.  Children should arrive at 9:05 and wait in the front of the building.  There is no supervision before school.  They will be marked tardy after 9:20.  Walkers are dismissed starting with fifth grade at approximately 3:15.  Changes in departure will not be granted without written permission.

Picking up Students During School Hours

Please make every effort to support your child's entire school day.  Early dismissals not only interrupt your child's day, but also impact the rest of the children in class.  Should there be a rare need to pick your child up early, please send  in a signed note to the teacher in the morning.  Upon arrival, parents should report to the main office, provide identification, and sign the child out.  Children will be called to the office.  

Is there child care available beyond school hours?

The After the Bell Program provides before and after school care.  The mission of the program is to challenge students academically, physically, and socially in a safe, nurturing learning environment.  More information can be found at:  After the Bell  or you may contact Tricia Massucco at 203-854-4150.  

How often will my child have P.E.?

Physical Education class will take place twice every six days.  Please refer to the letter day calendar sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Be sure to send your child in with sneakers on P.E. days.  Without sneakers, your child will have to sit out of gym.

How often will my child have art?

Art class will take place twice every six days.  Please refer to the letter day calendar sent home at the beginning of the school year.  

How often is music?

Music class will take place twice every six days.  Please refer to the letter day calendar sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Third, fourth, and fifth grade students may also elect to take strings instrument lessons.  Fourth and fifth grade students may also elect to take band instrument lessons.

What is happening with computers at Wolfpit School?

We have six mobile chrome book carts.  Students in grades three, four, and five have a 1-1 ratio.  Students in grades kindergarten, first, and second share rotating carts.  Technology is used to augment the curriculum, and not to replace teaching.  

How often does my child go to the library?

Each class goes to the library for a half hour once a week.  In the upper grades, students have the opportunity to visit more than once a week for research depending upon library availability.

What should I do if my child is absent from school?

If your child has something that is contagious, it's a good idea to notify the school nurse. When your child returns to school, send a note with him or her to let the teacher know why your child was absent. If there are any special restrictions, please put that in your note. Your child cannot take any medication in school without a written note from your doctor. The nurse will then keep the medication in her office and administer it according to the doctor's directions.

When are the Book Fairs?

The first Book Fair will be in December. The students will be sent home with a flyer about some of the books that are available, but this is in no way a complete list. Classes usually visit the book fair twice. Both times they can purchase books if they desire, or they can make their wish list and bring it home for approval before making any purchases. The book fair is held in the library. All parents are welcome to attend or help out.

The second book fair is held in the spring, usually in March or April. 

What is the Holiday Shoppe?

The Holiday Shoppe occurs in the beginning of December. The children are given the opportunity to come to our "store" and buy gifts for their families and friends all by themselves. They come only one time and must have the money with them.

Most of the items are priced between $0.50 and $5.00. The volunteers will help them choose items in their price range and hopefully appropriate for the person the gift is for, but the final decision is the child's, not the volunteers.

It is wonderful to see how excited and proud the children are for being able to do their own shopping!

How can I become a Volunteer?

There are many ways that you can become involved as a volunteer at Wolfpit School. At the beginning of the year, the volunteer coordinators send out a recruitment letter with descriptions of all of the areas where volunteers are generally needed. If you didn't see the letter or couldn't volunteer at the time, you may call the volunteer coordinators and they can assist you.  All volunteers must be fingerprinted; Please click here to find out more information about fingerprinting:  Volunteering and Fingerprinting.

Wolfpit's volunteers put in hundreds of hours in total throughout the year. Some of the areas where we need volunteers are in the library, tutoring, helping out with social events, teaching computer lab, baking,  helping out with the copying of PTA notices, helping at the Book Fair, or at the Holiday Shop.

If you can't come into school during the day, we sometimes need help with evening activities or baking. If you signed up to volunteer at the beginning of the year and no one has called you, please contact a PTArepresentative.  We'd love to have you!

When is the School Store Open?

The School Store is usually open on Friday mornings from 9:05 until 9:20 am. Most of the items are school supplies and are priced between $.05 and $1.00. There are some items that cost a little more. Everyone is welcome to purchase from the store. The kids love it!
*We currently are in need of a volunteer to run the store!

Where can I find out what's going on at the school?

Attending PTA meetings is a great way of getting information about coming events, such as field trips, social events, and enrichment programs.  There is also a PTA bulletin board in the front hallway which has current flyers about happenings in the school as well as the community. Check your child's backpack, as many flyers go home but never make it out of the bottom of the backpacks! You might also ask your child if he/she received any notices today.  Most communication, however, is done via email.  Be sure the school has your correct, updated email address.