PTA By-Laws

PTO By-Laws

Article I - Articles of Incorporation

The By-Laws of this Organization shall be deemed to be part of its Articles of Incorporation.

Article II - Objectives of the Organization

Section 1. To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community.

Section 2. To promote understanding between parents, school and students through an exchange of ideas on topics of mutual interest.

Section 3. To bring into clearer relation the home and the school so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child.

Section 4. To develop between educators and the general public such unified efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.

Article III - Basic Policies

Section 1. The objectives of the Organization shall be promoted through an educational program directed toward parents, teachers and the general public. The program shall be developed through conference, committees and projects and shall be governed and qualified by the policies set forth in this Article.

Section 2. This Organization shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan. It shall not endorse any commercial enterprise or a candidate. The name of the Organization or the names of any members in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest, or for any other purpose than the regular work of the Organization.

Section 3. This Organization shall not directly or indirectly participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office or devote more than an insubstantial part of its activities to attempting to influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise.

Section 4. This Organization shall seek neither to direct the administrative activities of the school or to control its policies.

Section 5. This Organization may cooperate with other organizations and agencies active in child welfare, such as conference groups or coordinating councils, provided its representatives make no commitments that bind the group he or she represents without the approval of the membership or the Executive Board.

Article IV - Parliamentary Authority

Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall govern this Organization in all cases to which they are applicable and not in conflict with the By-Laws of the Organization.

Article V - Memberships and Fees

Section 1. Any Wolfpit School parent/guardian/teacher or administrator interested in the objectives of this Organization of parents and teachers and who is willing to uphold its basic policies and subscribe to its By-Laws is eligible to be a member.

Section 2. An annual membership enrollment will be conducted at the beginning of each school year.

Section 3. Annual donations shall be recommended and set by the Executive Board.

Section 4. Membership duration shall be from the first day of school to September 30th of the following year.

Section 5. A. “Member in Good Standing” shall be defined as: a member who has attended at least three (3) meetings within the school year OR a member who has attended at least two (2) meetings within the school year and has co-chaired a major fundraising event within the current school year.

B. For eligibility in the election process, the school year shall be counted from the first day of school to the last day of school.

Article VI - Meetings

Section 1. A minimum of four (4) Organization meetings shall be held in each school year.

Section 2. Ten (10) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business in any meeting of this Organization.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the President of the Organization or upon the written request of 10 % of the Organization membership presented through the Recording Secretary with at least twenty-four (24) hours notice.

Section 4. Advance notice of at least five school days of general meetings shall be given to all members.

Section 5. All motions must be made, seconded and voted upon by a member of the Executive Board or by a Member of the Organization.

Article VII - Officers and Their Terms of Office

Section 1. The officers of the Organization shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Fundraising Chairperson.  Any office may be co-chaired.

Section 2. Officers shall be elected by ballot, annually in the month of May. If, however, there is but one nominee for any office, with a motion from the floor, the election may be by voice vote.

Section 3. Officers shall assume their official duties at the close of the school year and shall serve for the term of one (1) school year.

Section 4. A vacancy occurring in any office, except for the Presidency, shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Board, due notice of such election having been given to the Board. In case a vacancy occurs in the office of the president, the Vice President shall serve as President for the remainder of the term. If necessary the Vice President’s position would be filled as stated above in this section.

Article VIII - Duties of Officers

Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and of the Executive Board; be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee; coordinate the work of all the officers and committees of the Organization in order that the objectives be promoted; perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these by-laws or assigned to him/her by the Organization or by the Executive Board.

Section 2. The Vice President shall act as aide to the President; shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to act; act as back up for the President when the President is not available due to personal or professional conflicts; perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these by-laws or assigned to him/her by the Organization or by the Executive Board.

Section 3. The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the Organization; keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; present a financial statement at every meeting of the Organization; make disbursements as authorized by President, Executive Board or Organization in accordance with the budget adopted by the Organization; perform other such duties as may be delegated to him/her. Checks shall be signed by the Treasurer.

Section 4. The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Organization and the Executive Board; have a current copy of the by-laws; maintain a membership list; copies of all minutes and treasury reports for the most recent twelve (12) months shall be brought to all meetings; perform other such duties as may be designated to him/her.

Section 5. The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for all communication from the Organization to the School Community whether this be via email or paper flyers; shall work closely with the School Principal before releasing all communication to the School Community; shall be responsible for updates of all social media sites; perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these by-laws or assigned to him/her by the Organization or by the Executive Board.

Section 6. The Fundraising Chairperson shall coordinate fundraising efforts throughout the school year and perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these by-laws or assigned to him/her by the Organization or by the Executive Board.

Section 7. All officers shall perform the duties prescribed in these By-Laws and those assigned from time to time and shall deliver to their successors all official material at the conclusion of the school year.

Article IX - The Teacher Representative

Each year the teaching staff of Wolfpit Elementary School shall select a representative to the PTO. More than one teacher may share the responsibility as Teacher Representative. This representative may send to any meeting, another teacher as an alternate or substitute.  Representative shall be given one (1) vote at the annual election in May. The Teacher Representative must sign in at each meeting as the Teacher Representative.

Article X - The Executive Board

Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers of the Organization, the principal and the Teacher Representative of the school.

Section 2. The duties of the Executive Board shall be:

A. To transact necessary business in the intervals between Organization meetings and such other business as may be referred to it by the Organization.

B. To create standing committees.

C. To approve the plans of work of the standing committees.

D. To present a report at the regular meetings of the Organization.

Section 3. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President or by any member of the Board as per Article VI, Section 4.

Article XI - Standing and Special Committees

Section 1. Such standing committees shall be created by the Executive Board as deemed necessary to promote the objectives of the Organization and to carry on its work.

Section 2. Chairperson(s) of standing committees shall be selected by the Officers of the Organization. The term of the chairperson(s) shall be one (1) year.

Section 3. The chairperson(s) of each standing committee shall present a plan for the Executive Board to approve. No committee work shall be undertaken without the consent of the Board.

Section 4. The power to form a special committee and appoint its members rests with the majority vote of the Executive Board. Since a special committee is created and appointed for a specific purpose, it automatically ceases to exist when its work is done and its final report is received by the Executive Board.

Article XII - Amendments

Section 1. A committee may be appointed to submit a revised set of By-Laws as a substitute for these only by majority vote of the Organization or by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The procedures for action on amendments in Section 2 should then be followed.

Section 2. These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Organization by a majority vote of the members present and voting, provided written notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given to the membership at least one (1) week prior to the vote.

Article XIII - Election Process

Section 1. The Nominating Committee shall be created at the February meeting and cannot be eligible to run for office. They shall be appointed by a majority vote.

Section 2. The duties of the committee are:

A. To send out a letter in March to the school population to seek nominations for officers.

B. To review nomination letters.

C. To notify nominees and to verify their acceptance.

D. To present a list of persons who have accepted nominations at the April meeting.

E. To post a list of final nominations on the PTO board until May’s meeting and publish the list in the school’s newsletter or by special notice.

F. To prepare ballots for election. In the event of a closed ballot election, the committee shall be responsible for tabulating the votes.

Section 3. The nomination process is as follows:

A. Any Member in Good Standing may be nominated for office.

B. A letter to the general school population shall include an explanation of the nomination process and a request for nominations.

C. All written nominations shall be received prior to the April meeting. Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at the April meeting. At the end of the April meeting nominations shall be closed.

Section 4. The voting process is as follows:

A. All members shall be eligible to vote.

B. Voting for office shall take place at the May meeting.

C. Members who are unable to attend the May meeting may vote by proxy. Forms may be obtained from the Nominating Committee.

D. At least two (2) independent counts of the ballots will be made immediately after the voting.

E. All ballots will be destroyed after tabulation.

Article XIV – Expenditure Approval

A. Any proposed expense beyond the approved budget in excess of $500 during the school year shall be brought to a vote of the general membership either at the next scheduled meeting, or in a special meeting as described in Article VI, Section 3.



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