PTA Budget Information

PTO Budget Information

Where does our money come from?

  • Fall Giftwrap Fundraiser
  • Book Fair
  • Membership Dues
  • Entertainment Book Sale
  • Donations
  • Box Tops
  • Other Social Fundraisers:
    • Octoberfest
    • Pumpkin Sales
    • Bingo
    • Bake Sales

How much money do we raise for our kids?

Each year we raise approximately $25,000.00.

What do we do for our kids with all this money?

  1. We give each grade $1,000 and the fifth grade gets an extra $1,200. The grades use this money mostly for transportation for their field trips. The teachers decide where to go for their field trips. Examples from the past are:
    • Kindergarten:
      • Silverman's Farm
      • New Canaan Nature Center
      • The Maritime Center
      • Norwalk Seaport Association
      • Norwalk Police Station
      • High Touch High Tech Scientists - in classroom
      • Shepardness - in classroom
    • First Grade:
      • "Curious George" play in Purchase, NY
      • Beardsley Zoo
    • Second Grade:
      • Peabody Museum
      • Bronx Zoo
    • Third Grade:
      • City Hall
      • Mill Hill
      • Maritime Center
    • Fourth Grade:
      • Mystic Seaport
    • Fifth Grade:
      • Broadway Play in NYC
      • Sturbridge Village
      • New Canaan Historical Society
      • T-Shirts and Photo
  2. We pay for four major in school programs for our children:
    • Enrichment - $4,000 - $5,000
    • Author's Day - $800
    • Library Allocation - $750 (Books, Magazines, and Library Olympics)
  3. We use approximately $2,500 - $3,000 for computers, peripherals, and software.
  4. We give each teacher approximately $125 each to use towards supplies for their classrooms and for subscriptions of their choice for the kids i.e. Weekly Readers, Time, Scholastic News and Student Planners.
  5. We pay for various social events during the year including:
    • Halloween goodies
    • Holiday Ice Cream party Staff Luncheon
    • Staff Appreciation Breakfast Pot Luck Dinner
    • Etc.
  6. We donate money for scholarships and charities.

How do I get involved in deciding any of the above?

Come to the BUDGET MEETING (refer to calendar of events) where we will discuss and vote on our budget each year. If you have any suggestions, please attend the next meeting or send a note to your child's teacher.

The Wolfpit School PTO